[Elïte] ElitePack | Temp League | Discord Required | 99% NA | Recruting CLOSED

If you're looking for a guild for Heist league check us out.

- Level 90 character in any league
- Join discord, seriously we wont send an ingame invite until you register. Read through the welcome channel. You can only gain access to the entire discord if you read through it until the end.
- Accept wideswing as the best item in game.

About us:
- Many of us have been playing together for many years, but we're always looking for chill players to join our ranks. Please leave toxicity at the door.
- Due to the continual meta shift towards solo play, we tend to have a lot of players that play solo, but we are very helpful with map sharing/boss sharing for atlas completion beginning of league. If you're seeking super active, no life grind, group players, then we're not the guild for you.
- We are usually most active beginning of league, people on discord, lots of online players. This can taper off quick depending on how the leagues go. We make no promises for activity levels.
- We're like 99% North American players.
On my command, unleash hell.
Time to plan our builds!

Come plan your heist with us!
Come do crime with us!
REMINDER that we are no longer recruiting.

bumping to keep the thread alive

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