Tyrs Paladium is Hiring! "The 30-70+ Year Olds' Guild"

James Taylor, “You've Got a Friend”


You've got a friend in Tyrs!

Come join us!! All ya gotta do is "call"...

All ya gotta do, is fill out our app:
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Hey all! I filled out an application on Tyrs' website and got an email saying I was accepted but I don't see that as part of my "guild" yet in PoE. How can I get added to the guild? Thanks!
think I might be interested in joining.

I'm still in my old guild I made with friends, but everyone else is inactive now, so need to find somewhere new.

I'm 37, not into drama.
Tyrs Paladium - DoT Enthusiast.
I just sent an application.

where it said "main" I just put my current league starter, as I don't have a main.

PS: also If I am successful, I will have to leave my current guild before i can join.

I have been waiting to see if anyone came on for this league, but they haven't yet, so I'm all set to leave just as son as I have a new guild to join.

(I don't like to not be in a guild, as you just get spammed with invites and stuff usually. at least this is my experience in games anyway)
Tyrs Paladium - DoT Enthusiast.
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IGN: MasterWello
Age: 50
Game experience: level 98 3 years of interrupted play
Reason for wanting to join: want to improve my skills and play with team to have fun and achievements'
hey guys, I got email to say I'd been accepted. I just left my guild, but there's no invite yet, will I get this later, please?
Tyrs Paladium - DoT Enthusiast.
Umbral_Spectre you're good to go right?

Hello. I'm looking for some new friends to play with in a relaxed environment. My application has been submitted. I can't be on every day, but I'll make up for it with enough bad jokes to make you glad for it.

Hope y'all are still looking. The solo grind is lonely.

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