Tyrs Paladium is Hiring! "The 30-70+ Year Olds' Guild"

Some of the game's finest personalities are finding us, and we are feeling blessed.

Welcome Cainpain_Delirium and Scotchfist to our humble guild of exiles, Tyrs Paladium!

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Tyrs Paladium is ON A ROLL.

Are you READY to go inside the fire towards victory, together with your fellow guild mates? Fear not in the company of like minds!!! Come join us!!!

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BIG UPS to new TYRS BLOOD -- BudTugly, Sandchaos, Summoner, Slave driver, and banedeliriumletsgo welcome to our guild!!!

A HEARTY WELCOME KennyBlastastic, GetOnYourKneesLeach, and kilswitch_spellslingin to Tyrs Paladium!!!

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Delirium is Tyrs' NEW PLAYGROUND!!! Welcome to our guild Vennefia, Herkkumutteri, XVZVX, and XenDecimo!!!

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have a nice day
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Well met new recruits! Pleasure meeting you here!!

LeepNasty, Ellihanna, Sabo, XDeath_ScytheX, BilboTheSummonarian,Valthonis
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WEBCAST link: https://www.facebook.com/peter.baron.336

Tyrs Paladium Family, friends, and YOUR FAMILIES... we welcome you to all join us in our Discord THIS WEDNESDAY, 6:30PM EDT for a VERY VERY SPECIAL LIVE EVENT to honor our FRONT LINE WORKERS.

Our special guest is PETER BARON, a super talented musician thats traveled around the world playing guitar. WE MUST MEET in Discord AT 6:30PM EDT Sharp!!

Peter will be in Tribeca on the STREETS of New York THIS WEDNESDAY to play the Star Spangled Banner at 7PM EDT (right at the time New Yorkers have been clapping and hanging out of windows cheering) IN HONOR of Front Line Workers!

Lets support our front line workers who have been risking their lives.

THEY are the real HEROES in this terrible pandemic. History will be 100% accurate about that.

My family will be watching... join us. This Wednesday, 6:30PM EDT!!!

*** Peter can play the heck out of a guitar as you will see. He plays an incredible Star Spangled Banner as you will see.

WEBCAST LINK: https://www.facebook.com/peter.baron.336
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Tyrs Paladium... just like a classic outdoor rock concert.


Mountain - Theme For An Imaginary Western - Cincinnati Pop Festival - June 13, 1970
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We are still Rockin' & Rollin! Jukin & Jivin! And dodgin' trouble!

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