[3.11 ready] NKO's Saviour Champion Cyclone/lacerate 14m+ shaper dps [Videos][All content]

I believe your PoB I downloaded last league had an explode chest, this league you have a crit one. Which one is preferred? Also I see you're running a purity Circle of Guilt but not the skill gem. Are you holding it there until Mark of the Elder, or are we going to be putting HoP into the build and not using Elder ring?

Also I feel like I've sent a lot of wasted points in clusters. I got vital and precise cluster jewels alongside Insatiable Killer but it takes up about 8 points to get them all. I've noticed this league you switched to a rage gain one. Is a swap to that one recommended?
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@Noctuaturpe Hi, yes thats about my last league pob :) i forgot about the circle of guilt to be honest with ya :DD i took out flesh and stone and replaced it with the HoP.

Only reason i took crit chest over explode was +1 curse and i felt like im slacking on crit chance. but ya with this curse/crit/mana chest we can have assasins mark + vulne just trying to get the singletarget to the same atmospheres than it was previously.

About cluster jewels, i felt like when they took out the deep cuts (+1 impale) that only worth jewel point was the rage one.
i changed my chest to this
Can we get the old PoB from Delirium? The Harvest one has worse eq than me at the moment and I wanted to buy the rest of the ones you had in Delirium.
Is the Lacerate still valid even with the (roughly) 30% Nerf to all damage from DW?
@Roulce im going to find it out
@Akiralkee i am just updating the build, that is what u should follow tbh. i cant remember last patch pob
Roulce wrote:
Is the Lacerate still valid even with the (roughly) 30% Nerf to all damage from DW?
You can use either Cyclone or Lacerate, its exactly same tree just If playing cyclone just swap out pulverize and cyclone for lacerate and multistrike and thats it. How ever u will need -15 mana cost chest and some mana leech from the tree/gear/jewels to make it work
What version of lethal pride do you use now?
in the pob (3.11) the damage is 3 M. Am I missing something?

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