[3.10] Tectonic Slam Jugg - Brutus' Lead Sprinkler

I agree with you on wise oak vs atziri's flask...situational it can be better.

I actually have slightly less attack speed...around 6, and with flasks my effective crit is over 90%.

My POB is below...I have what I feel is a very good lethal pride, which is effectively giving me 156 strength and 30 crit multi. I've leveled to 100, and probably won't be modifying gear on this one from here on out...always next league though :)


Its a shame that its so hard to post exactly what lethal pride gives you

Mine gives me from top to bottom

4% increased life
+20 strength
5% of physical damage taken as fire
30% melee crit chance
0.4% of attack damage leached as health
20% increased stun duration

there is also 30% melee crit chance on the cloth and chain node if I ever need resistances

I will keep playing a bit more. I really want to see if the double curse on gloves can produce better results than rare ones + blasphemy.

Another thing you should consider - corrupted Brutus. Corrupted Brutus with attack speed or crit chance or both is much better than the elemental damage one.
Hi there, I really love your build and enjoy leveling with it
Got a few questions to ask:
1. I intend to switch helmet to Farrul's bite to benefit from aspect of cat. Which aura should i keep between Flammability or Anger since i dont have enough mana reservation.
2. What do you think about giving up blood and sand, replacing with impale and dread banner for boss

Thank you & sorry for my bad English
Lot's of questions here, let me break them down:

1. Impale:This is for physical damage...we're doing fire damage with this build, and not even converted fire damage...pure fire...impale does 0 for us...no help, skip it.

2. Farrul's bite + aspect of the cat: there's some minor benefit here, but the sacrifices you're making are in no way greater than the cost. Trust but verify...look into the life, tankiness, and even dps loss from swapping the helm to this item, as well as the aura. It's not worth it. If you do need to make a sacrifice, flammability is more important than anger.

3. Blood and Sand: in general this is a very nice QOL (Quality of Life.) Extra AoE while mapping because you 1 shot everything anyways on multistrike...and then toggle to less AoE more DPS for bosses. Never get rid of this aura on this build.
Alright, made some improvements. If you love attack speed surely you want some on your belt

not as much elemental damage but the attack speed makes up for it.

Also I am experimenting with this armor

unfortunately I cant use the wise oak because of low fire resistance but the point is to swap the diamond flask with a sulfur one. My crit without the diamond flask is 90% which should be enough.
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I approve of both the belt and the armor :)
A few people have asked in game about the viability of this in 3.10.

I say wait for the patch notes, but very likely this build is no where on the nerf radar...and if anything could get a couple of buffs instead.

It has been mentioned that geofri's and shaper's touch gloves are on the nerf radar...which if anything COULD mean cheaper access to strength stacking gear in 3.10.

As currently designed has easy access to a pair of the outer tree jewel nodes. A hope is to gain further ele damage, strength, attack speed from those.
Updated for 3.10 post patch notes.
hey, how should i change the passive tree if i want to include some cluster jewles? which ones do you reccommend?
I've picked up the build again and I'm playing it this league as well.

The tree itself already took a cluster jewel slot between marauder and templar spaces.

Your choices on things to drop:
brinkmanship nodes
rampart nodes
lava lash nodes
few life nodes

The way the tree is...you have a lot of options to toggle on/off more offense or defense as you choose.

My current favorite new node is cremator, 30% fire and all corpse that are lit are destroyed...this is a subtle juicy node...if you run combustion instead of ele focus. No more porcupines, or things that get detonated under your feet.

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