[3.10] Tectonic Slam Jugg - Brutus' Lead Sprinkler

s0uless999 wrote:
I've picked up the build again and I'm playing it this league as well.

The tree itself already took a cluster jewel slot between marauder and templar spaces.

Your choices on things to drop:
brinkmanship nodes
rampart nodes
lava lash nodes
few life nodes

The way the tree is...you have a lot of options to toggle on/off more offense or defense as you choose.

My current favorite new node is cremator, 30% fire and all corpse that are lit are destroyed...this is a subtle juicy node...if you run combustion instead of ele focus. No more porcupines, or things that get detonated under your feet.

thank you :)
Why do not you take Avatar of Fire
Hey what about a life greatwolf amulet? Isn't that way more stats than the astra?
any new suggestions for 3.11? :)
I built nearly the same thing and then looked up your guide for ideas. My gear is less $$ and only lv94. Dual-wielding I can get my SDPS up to 3m (yours goes up to 3.4m downleveled). I made some different build choices and am wondering if any are worth.


1. Cyclopean Coil - with quality gives 18% inc Attributes. With Dex > Int gives Freeze/Ignite immunity. Up to 120 flat life, too. Seems really good.

2. Cluster Jewel - Overlord gives free Fortify (to Anc Totem, too) which lets you use a better support gem. There are two potential notables that give Life Leech and a couple more Jewel sockets.

3. Infernal Cry - Applies Ash (100% uptime if linked to Inc Dur) and gives explody for pack clear. With Call to Arms it's instant-cast.
Edit: its sub-skill, Combust, can be supported by anything on-hit like CoC, Power Charge on Crit, Combustion, Culling Strike, and Onslaught. I've opted for just Onslaught with Second Wind (only lowers cd if using CtA). Very high uptimes because multiple attacks get Combust.

4. Impresence - Makes Blasph/Flamm free, even if linked to Empower. Gives you room for Aspect of the Spider. I'm not sure how this compares to a nice Three Rat.

5. The Iron Fortress - Definitely not as good as a really nice rare, but potentially better than something more affordable? Mine is perfectly rolled, so +120 Strength, good +block %, and good armour. I'm just wondering how good a rare has to be to replace it.

6. The Wise Oak - Nice pen, and I have all my Resists balanced so it's great value. Brings resists well above curse range.

7. Nearby Notables - Galvanic Hammer takes 3 points and is extremely good. With 6 more points you can take Magmatic Strikes and Blacksmith's Clout. Hovering over the first travel node it's -3.6% DPS per node. Since I use Inf Cry I don't feel the need to take Brinkmanship, so I don't travel to the Duelist region at all.

I'm also linking my Ancestral Warchief with Vengeance, Life Gain on Hit, and Culling Strike. Feels "gimmick" good, would be willing to drop.

My boy is stuck in Standard, so shopping is rough. I want to aim well before spending all my Exalts on an overhaul. Considering switching to a good shield for more life. Tips from anyone appreciated :)

Here's my current POB fork: https://pastebin.com/VSCYzUGL
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