So about the Arakaali's Fang spiders

There is no immortal
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My rank what to fix for next league

1 Astral projector + shockwave totem interaction ( a lot of aoe and auto target so it offscreen you and hits hard, it one shot spider guys )

2 Astral projector + Pyroclast Mines interaction ( same as shockwave totem , autotarget, less aoe than shockwave but anyways can offscreen you in 1vs1 )

Im testing Discharge+Astral projector and seems fine , its like flameblast it dont autotarget and the aoe is limited , it feel like melee

they need to fix this ''auto-target'' of some skills
…And 3.10 additional pvp damage penalty has changed nothing.
Because 10% less damage not really affecting 20 simultaneous hits.
20 spiders moving at 140 units/second attacking at 6 attacks/sec able to kill 6k hp 75% attack dodge or 14k hp 40% block character with like "one tap".
The only thing that relatively speaking "works" is maximum block with HP on block and it only gives you "one additional frame" of lifetime against a spider pack.

There should be no immortal units on arena.

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