HEIST BOSS KILLER Can stream in discord if needed.

I recommend, killed my uber elder fast and without problems
Helped me with the absolute worst map of all - Hall of Grandmasters. Thanks!
IGN: Miss_Atomic_Bomb, Ouii, BlackoutTime, OneTrillionDollars, Introspection, TopDubolom
Quick kill sirus, thanks ;)
Very fast boss kill, might hit you up for some challenge kills later.
I wonder if Hillock-Senpai will notice me when I go to town??
Killed my Aul very clean and quick! :)
Really nice fast and safe kills :D even in my realm with bad ping. Love u artur
thanks for uber atziri <3
just did sirius 8. fast and clean. thumb up for this guy :)
Just did a fast and clean Uber elder for 2. Nice and fast, recommended.
2x Extra Ele and 2 extra projectiles, depth 402 Aul down
Absolute God!

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