HEIST BOSS KILLER Can stream in discord if needed.

Very fast and helpful Sirus carry, would recommend 10/10
Awesome service, quick and easy UE.

Even did it free, because it's friday. 11/10.

He helped me with the Hall of Grandmaster Map. Went quickly and easily. A big thank you at this point.
Helped me with Sirius. Fast and honestly. Thank you vety much
Helped with kill.

Thanks loot was mine.
Fast easy carry, trustworthy gives back loot even the good ones!! :)
Fast and easy! very nice and trustworthy
This dude.... Me and my friend fucked up cortex... 1 portal left, 3 man cortex and the legend himself just beat it. After that he wasn't done either... He did the phoenix guardian and the metamorph that came with it... The metamorph dropped a chayula's breachstone. He did this all for free!!( I tried giving him currency) . How can you not like a man like that. All the praise in the world man
very fast uber elder) Ty bro)
Quick uber for a laggy boy. TY

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