HEIST BOSS KILLER Can stream in discord if needed.

Quick sirus kill, got an awakener's orb :)
I recommend.
+rep fast Sirius
Helped me with Sirus and HoGM.
The honest boss killer that i saw.
Gave me The immortal card affter HoGM map.
Easily helped carry Awakener 8 while letting me spec the whole fight. No BS no deaths jesus christ i love this guy <3
Killed AUL +rep
Killed my Sirus and completed HoGM very fast.
Recommend for boss killing, very honest guy.
KIlled my Sirus very fast +rep :)
+rep ez and quick sirus kill
Did with him aw.8lvl. Sirius
Good guy, thanks :)
+ rep, finished a sirius that i fucked up.
thanks again

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