HEIST BOSS KILLER Can stream in discord if needed.

Good and fast BOSS killer!!
Did my Sirius, thanks!
Fast honest and really a nice guy killed my sirus lvl 8 in 1 minute
Did my Ahuatotli the Blind with decently hard mod, vouch.
Did Sirius AL 7 and Uber Aztiri for me.
Got the drops and at Aztiri kill the Gloves dropped and he did not pick em up.
Good and really nice Guy.
Thanks again.
Helped me with my first Sirius. 10/10

Thank you!
Does as he says, clean and save
Killed mine quick and easy BIG DICK DPS
I trolled this dude and spawned AL8 Sirus in Texas...still delivered with like 350+ ping. Did fight with me chillin in there, 100% recommended. 10/10
Honest dude, did the work without death! Helped get me the challenge, thanks man!

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