[3.10] Cyclone Impale | Champion | Huge DPS | Huge Tankiness

Nice build, straightforward and easy to scale. Impale was not touched so it should be good overall.

I might start with it actually.
What is your reason exactly not to utilize Rigwald's Curse? Crit is so much better for this sort of builds and you are just foregoing the amulet slot for a massive damage boost.

Also, is taking Fortitude really worth it these days? We have easy access to Fortify from the support gem, so the ascendancy node is just a damage boost really, around 13-14% more damage, as we use another support. I think I will try using Fortify instead of Conc Effect and take maybe Conqueror or Inspirational instead of Fortitude.

Oh actually, that becomes a completely different build at this point xd. I see people are taking Conqueror and Worthy Foe instead of Fortitude and First to Strike, Last to Fall, so they don't need to scale Accuracy or take RT and they can go crit. I will experiment with these I think.
How about 3.10 it still viable?
Is this build good without "Circle of Guilt" rings? because they are pretty much impossible to get in leagues?

Will damage drop drastically if i just use steel rings?
Tuomari wrote:
Is this build good without "Circle of Guilt" rings? because they are pretty much impossible to get in leagues?

Will damage drop drastically if i just use steel rings?

They are possible to get in leagues now when the Synthesis boss maps can just drop from map bosses. Obviously not the first days of the league. But in general they are very much possible to get.

You do care more about the increased buff effect mod. Rings with just this mod and some crap you don't need are about 1ex in standard right now, I don't think they were more expensive in league but it is hard to check. The rings with this + global physical damage increase are about 8-10ex. You also want a good implicit in the endgame. So yes, BIS items are expensive.

Let's do some maths. Let's assume you are fairly budget, so you get herald of purity level 20, shield +2 socketed gems with level 3 empower. Empower is now level 5 (bc of the shield), so gives +4 levels and your HoP ends up being lvl 26. (With gem level 21, empower lvl 4 and corrupted shield you can get up to lvl 30).

Lvl 26 HoP gives 36 to 53 added physical damage. Because you have let's say 90% increased buff effect on the ring, the ring gives you 32 to 47 added phys. The ring also has an explicit 10 to 15 added phys, so it is 42 to 57 total.

The best rolled Steel Ring gives 4 to 14 added phys with implicit and another 9 to 15 with explicit. That is 13 to 29 total.

We compare average, so CoR gives 49.5 and rare Steel Ring up to 21. That is about 2.5 times as much from the ring. That does require some shield shenaningans though.

If we invest more into the shield and gems, we have HoP level 30, so it has 45 to 67 added phys. Then we get 100% inc buff effect on the ring, and another 10 to 15, so the ring itself gives us 55 to 77 added phys, or average 66. Which is more than 3 times as much as the best Steel Ring.

Abyssus, which has a huge drawback but people still sometimes use it, gives 40 to 60 added phys, which is less than one Circle of Guilt, and you can have two rings.

So yes Circle of Guilt is absolutely BIS and there is no question about it.

I know this because I was playing FB Cyclone Berserker in Blight, slightly different but used the same mechanic. I got a buff effect/increased global phys ring, but only one, the second ring was an assassin's mark ring (I was using Rigwald's curse and Abyssus). It was still really powerful and it didn't use Impale because I just didn't realize it. Zerker isn't exactly the most tanky ascendancy and is not great for bosses, so I am looking forward to trying champion. But if you are looking for inspiration, my character from Blight is called WhirlingFistsBaby.

That was my second character and I farmed money for it with zombiemancer though, so I basically had the ring and everything from the get-go. But because this build is really strong while minmaxed, it should be also strong while getting there. If you don't mind losing survivability, try Abyssus, it gives a lot of added phys and so is especially strong with FB, and it also gives Crit multi, which works if you use Rigwald's Curse. For this the build is different, you go to crit nodes on the tree and you drop Fortitude ascendacy and First to Hit, Last to Fall for the Conqueror and Worthy Foe. If you farm the currency for the rings you can make a switch.

I thought about it and I will try to get a champion going with this build. First I will do a non-crit, then respec to crit. Then, when I have it, I will try to respec it again to Crit Saviour/Paradoxica with Flicker/Double Strike. Circle of Guilt is BIS for both of those builds, Champion is the best choice for both, tree is very similar. Just the sword is really expensive, and you need to find a way to sustain charges so that is not a starter build, compared to this.
gonna try this build TMW, thx!
What do you suggest for leveling gems?
If anyone has any suggestions on leveling guides around this it would be appreciated. This is one of the few build guides that completely skips progression and it's a bit of a struggle to figure out what to do when. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
Hi, good build i like it, last league player zombie.

Whats yours best/profitable pantheon picks?
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Hello just wondering wouldn't it be better to put dread banner in the shield to scale up impale effect and decrease accuracy with level 30 dread banner? And if you use a dread banner enchant then it would deal much more than other enchants right?
Just started to level a FB Champion. Got some Ideas from this build. Thanks!

As a casual I have a question (sorry if my assumptions are wrong):

One of main mechanics of this build is HoP combined with two circle of guilt with buff effect on them.

The Calamitous Visions Cluster Jewels "Lone Messenger" looks like a really nice addition to this build at first, but the "Your Aura Skills are Disabled" disable the effect of Flesh and Stone and Dread Banner.

Is this cluster worth it or does it destroy too much of our defence and Impale generating ability?

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