[PS4] 3.9.2 Patch Notes

Lovely,Thanks Kindly :)
ualac wrote:
U_mad_bro7778 wrote:
Does anyone know whether or not the Templar Laboratory way point got fixed for the Locomancer achievement/trophy?

well, I have that trophy, but unsure what the specific bug is that you mention.

The way point for Templar Laboratory was removed since the 3.9 patch so people like me who started the game after the 3.9 patch are stuck at 90/91 way point until they add the way point back or change the trophy/achievement requirements.

This issue not a Ps4 only issue, but it's an issue on all platform.
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This update totally broke the game for me. Crashes even before the title screen. Tried restarting my PS4 multiple times. Nothing works. Totally sucks.
RIP no custom loot filters fix : <
Re-straightened the curved paths on the world map.

My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.

Thanks for the love you give console and for the one you'll give this year! Can't wait to see the upcoming leagues, blight performance is much better.

INCREDIBLE 3 CE-ERRORS within a WHOLE hour... take our money and do not change shit with it!

Its disgusting how bad u r taking care of playstation players and their needs. I read 'bug fixed where game crashes right after GGG logo' SAME SHIT HAPPENING TODAY AFTER PATCH!!!!!

The game has such a bad performance, u cant even flame dash on a juiced T16 map.


Thanks!!! thats a really nice patch. it was really anoying to get that blue escreen each time i tried to place mi watchstones
Can we expect a bug fix when the only one syndicate encounter is spawning on the maps? It should spawn 3...
Obtaining a missing Sample for "Obtain Itemised Samples" for a challenge doesnt count for it if its from trading with the new vendor recipe. Just got a missing Eye and it still shows that i need to get it at the challenges.
oooh and u r so ironic GGG... advertisements saying 'u can play this game together' HAHAHAHAHAHHA

NOOOOO way to play with 2 PPL on playstation!!!!!!!!

DISGUSTING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

angry user

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