[Xbox One] 3.9.2 Patch Notes

Game dashed twice in row on a 5 way timeless, several ex down the drain.

Every damn thing in this game lags now, its basically unplayable.

Breaches lag badly, game dashes on picking up story items, fossils, green items etc etc.

Stash tab takes 15 sec to load, more time to load other tabs.

Vendors even lag.

Graphics constantly pixel.

All movement skills rubber band hard.

Instant death on first blood altar spawning due to severe lag.

Instant death on Elderslayers entering maps and talking due to severe lag.

Off topic, Emotes should be able to be bind to buttons like a skill. Seems the only option to use an emote is to manually enter your cosmetics tab(which also takes forever to load) and select the dance emote from there, which is pointless.

I'm wasting so much exalts with crashes and lag its honestly the worst this game has ever been on Xbox.

Also - I'm glad someone else is having the same issue with Elderslayers. As soon as they come in or if a Syndicate member portals in - I go to maybe 5 fps. It's almost instant and certain death.
Just logged on after the update and am able to play fine. Sounds like your xbox needs to be restarted, unplugged power cycled.
The game is probably in the worst state i have seen it. Games ran smoother on my 1982 zx spectrum. The most dangerous enemy i have faced this season is the lag monster. I have no idea how the xbox team at GGG can view the game in this state and deem it playable and with the wall of silenece on feedback from them i ask myself, is there an xbox team at GGG??? So much hard work in making the new league, which i loved, to be destroyed by these technical issues and no communication from the so called dedicated team at GGG.
No issues here after this update. Will we get any specific patch notes for this one?

* edit. I was wrong. 2 crashes in a row now :(
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Xilos1102 wrote:
Just logged on after the update and am able to play fine. Sounds like your xbox needs to be restarted, unplugged power cycled.
No. You just logged on to a server that is NOW working fine. It WAS not working. :)
Patch not applied , just crashed using watch stones......console is bad atm .

Game is also freezing just clicking anything randomly.....want my.$$ back 😭
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i couldnt play out my fisrt map due to crashing after about 6 secs after using each portal. Nadda too good. i have learned from the past though, so i just ran a low level map to test first, before i did anything too costly. I wont be converting maps either, until i see that noone is screaming that it destroyed all their stuff. Things really have to start getting better guys. People are growing impatient and one cant really blame them.
Same can’t run a map without crashing before entering or secs after entering, sad state atm.
The game was running fine. Wasnt having any issues with frame drops or graphical properties not loading in. That was until I loaded into the triles of ascendancy. Not been able to load the game since. Just get dumped back to the dashboard after that.

Constantly return to the dashboard in less than a minute after the new update.

Unplayable !

Other subject : You have to lower the graphics for the game to work properly on consoles.

Everyone doesn't care about effects and graphics on poe. We need stability and fluidity !!!
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