Arctic Armour

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Balance & Design
Last bumped on Feb 17, 2020, 6:54:00 PM
peroquenariz wrote:
Base duration 1 second? How does it scale at higher levels? If I have to recast every two steps, that will be so annoying...

Also, mana drain is too damn high D:

That would be the duration of the Ice on the ground, not the buff. The buff lasts until you deactivate it, or until you run out of mana. I've found that this is the kind of skill that is most efficient when toggled as required, rather than being left on as a constant buff. Experimentation from you guys may prove otherwise!
Balance & Design
Arctic armour info post!

Arctic Armour has flat damage reduction when hit. This cannot apply to damage over time effects, because they do not hit, but are a constant loss of life, which a flat value can't be subtracted from.
Like all other modifiers to the amount of damage taken, this is applied after mitigation from armour/resists.

It does mean Arctic Armour is really good against lots of small hits of fire or physical damage. Flamethrower style enemies are a strong point of the skill.

Ground Ice chills anything standing in it. This does not stack with other chills.

Arctic Armour has no mana cost (or more correctly, 0 mana reservation - it's a mana reservation skill that's turned on and off like tempest shield or auras). While it's up, you have degen on your mana - this is not a mana cost. It stops working when you have no mana.

Blood Magic support works with the skill (you reserve 0 life instead of 0 mana), but blood magic only affects costs/reservations, it does not, and never has, affected regen or degen on either resource. The Blood Magic keystone removes your mana, and thus since you never have any, you can't have the skill going - exactly like Righteous fire (which turns of at 1 life) adn CI (only ever 1 life). This is intentional.
Lionguild wrote:
I have a question for you mark. Or any dev.

Will the damage reduced by Arctic Armour count towards the amount required to explode for Molten Shell?
Lord_of_Error wrote:
I mean the only bug I read about with Arctic Armour was that the mana drain while moving wasn't affected by Inner Force.
Then you simply didn't read about the bug that was fixed.
The bug the patch notes are referring to is that if you had more mana regen than degen, and thus should be gaining mana overall, then if you got down to 0 mana, the regen no longer correctly outpaced the degen, and you would be constantly "loosing" the amount you regened each from before it could accumulate to a full 1 mana, and thus would (at least on the client) stay on 0 mana permanently, when your regen should be increasing that value.
Avelice wrote:
Please let this skill stay on when moving from area to area.
It would use up most of your mana at loading screens. It's actually much better, from a usability perspective, for it to be recast in the new area once your client has loaded everything.

In addition, while buffs/auras can be transferred, skills-in-progress can't, and that's what's causing the ground ice - the skill you cast hangs around you and actively drops ice every few milliseconds.
Okay, this thread is quickly devolving into argument, so I'm just going to try to clear this all up at once.
Please don't take this as an attack, I'm just trying to clear up allt he confusion and argument on this point as directly as possible.
Devilator wrote:
As far as mana is concerned, one mechanic modifies your mana regeneration rate, the other removes mana from your mana pool. It doesn't get any clearer than this.
"Mana drain" and "mana degeneration" are fundamentally the same thing. Neither is a mana cost, and they fundamentally cannot be, because they do not function as costs - a cost is something you must pay in order to use a skill. An over-time cost doesn't make sense because you would use the skill before it was paid.

Degeneration and drain are two words meaning the same thing - you lose mana over time. It is the reverse/opposite of mana regeneration, but it is not a negative value of mana regeneration - regeneration is explicitly regeneration, and cannot be negative. A negative value of your mana regeneration is invalid, not degeneration.

So far as I can tell, you've said:
Devilator wrote:
Drain effects a mana cost directly on your mana pool, so Blood Magic can work with it just like every other skill
and then based your arguments on this definition of the word "drain", which only came from your own post. This doesn't mean that the term "drain" used in the game has to somehow count as a cost. There's nothing about the term "drain" that makes it a cost. The word "drain" implies that something is depleted or lost over time, the word itself has no implications of being a 'cost' to do something.

I am unsure where you got the impression that using the word drain must mean something is a cost, and would be interested if you could explain this.

Devilator wrote:
It is a cost, that's where you are wrong. It is explicitly mentioned in the description and no amount of denial and calling it "shit" is going to change that:

"It drains your mana while active"
You just claimed that it explicitly says it's a cost, and then quoted it explicitly not saying that. It says it drains your mana. It does so. It does not say that this counts as a cost, and it does not.

Devilator wrote:
Furthermore, according to the wiki, it has fixed mana costs per level, again explicitly mentioned as mana cost, not a regeneration modifier. and therefore (should be) subject to Blood Magic.
It's not a regen modifier, as already explained - degen and regen are different values. But that doesn't make it a cost, and you should take everything said on the wiki with a grain of salt, as it is quite frequently wrong on the details.
Devilator wrote:
I know that the wiki is not an official source but these guys - unlike you - know the game mechanics inside out
Personally, I've seen far more mistakes on the wiki than in Vipermagi's posts, and I think on any given subject, he's more likely to be correct (although he is certainly not infallible).
Devilator wrote:
In any case, the developers are free to correct me.
I hope this post clears up any confusion on the subject, but if not, please let me know.
Atmotion wrote:
Question @ Mark_GGG:

Does the fire damage reduction portion of this skill reduce the damage taken from reflect when using the Discharge skill or for any fire based reflected damage for that matter?

Really curious, because that would make my life based Discharge build even more viable towards endgame.

Thanks in advance!
Not currently. This may change when reflect is re-worked
Ouroboros226 wrote:
The manacost on this thing is uttely insane, you would have to build an entire character around it to even maintain it.
That's the point. This is not meant to be a skill you can maintain. The option exists to build around achieving that, if you so desire, but this is specifically intended as a temporary buff skill, not something you can always have on.
Gryphyn wrote:
I noticed that this is a "duration gem" ... however I fail to see how the supports "increased/reduced duration" have any effect?

Can someone please help me out on this?
The ground ice it leaves has a duration, which can be increased or reduced.

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