Arctic Armour

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Hope this skill is good, interested in making an arctic armour / molten shell / tempest shield build.

Also I'm impressed I posted only a second after rory, according to the forum time stamp.
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Aye, I hope it scales well; the mana-cost-over-time is a nice variation to mana reservation mechanics. Hoping to maybe try this out sometime.

EDIT: uh oh, flat damage reduction. Don't know how optimal this will work.

Actually, this would be exceptionally strong against puncture if that does physical damage and the damage reduction applies to the ticks.
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I'd like to know if it's possible to blood magic it so it drains life instead of mana.
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So i have a BM Cyclone duelist. Looks like I may grab this skill really quick and toss it on him. The boost to cyclone + arctic armor slowing enemies sounds like a Cyclone of winter.
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Skill link pls
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Does not function with Blood Magic. Quite disappointed actually :/
Darn, I'm not first.
Seriously, I am looking forward to trying it out soon.
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How did you get that so quickly? I'm still patching.
How can it NOT work with Blood Magic? If you have the keystone, what does this skill then drain, if not life?
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Can't use with blood magic. Worthless.
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