Arctic Armour

I think the mana cost is ok as is. I see this build being used in three different ways:

1. Move Speed + Chill - keep the gem at lvl 1 for a permanent boost to move speed ground chill to help with kiting.

2. Situation Defensive boost - Level the gem, but only use it situationally. Pop it on if you get surrounded and use it to help tank or to GTFO.

3. Permanently on - Requires a very niche build (EB mostly) to be able to have always on (but it is possible).
Drahken wrote:
Ozgwald wrote:

without the penalty this skill would be in every build in the game.

I did not say to remove it, but it needs to be toned down.
I'm sacrificing a lot of life to work a build out with this (EB + 58%inc max mana + 124 int +40%regen from passives).

If you get a certain amount of mana etc. invested and much of it wasted on 1 skill you expect some amount of return. The amount of return for the mana cost for a pure mobile build is off. So it is worth a lot more to just grab more life nodes and ignore this skill... like every other melee build (HP life flavor).

The accessibility of the mobile part opens for build diversity. The difference between 167.7 mana per sec and 202.7 mana per sec at lvl 17 doesn't rly open up the skill for everyone. It is quite hard to get to lvl 10 and up to lvl 10 (117 mana per sec) no changes were suggested by me.

If you invest a lot this skill should pay off and be useful otherwise it is just a nonsensical skill that should read: "spell users only."
well with slight investment in mana regen and max mana with no gear specificness, mana regen will end up being between the two degen values most of the time. i took a lv 61 as test example, 60% max mana (6 nodes) and 150% mna regen (30% from ammy + 4 nodes) and lv 16 clarity with inner force, result regen about 88/sec, without EB.
could do without the clarity but it'll be pretty close to the lower degen number than in middle. edit: actually it seems to be roughly the same number...
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I'm currently using this skill with Eldritch Battery/Inner Force as a Summoner/Freezing Pulse HP Witch build - Loving it so far, the mana degeneration is currently quite easy to sustain at level 50 using a leveled (as far as I currently can) Arctic Armour.

From the looks of it, even the highest ranks should be possible to maintain once I've grabbed the remaining regeneration nodes that I have planned, and if that isn't enough - I could easily stack more via gear.

Works really well with the mediocre armor values that my character currently has, to the point of nearly nullifying incoming physical damage from most enemies that I encounter.

I only tried it out by curiosity at first, thinking it would be too expensive. Now it's a core part of my build and I can't wait to get my hands on a 20% quality one.
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Currently testing this skill with an EB EK witch. Not sure if sacrificing life from helmet and boots is worth it, but I use Heatshiver and Goldwyrm boots at the moment for the huge increase of that mana regeneration rate. Managed to get my hands on an almost perfect Heatshiver, which conveniently also adds +1 level to my Arctic Armour.

Result so far is that I can go afk standing in any Voidbarer-pack in docks, but lost ~500 life. Against physical reflect packs this still should be well worth it, -146 damage times ten for all knives, and the same again if using Added Fire Damage with EK.
( EDIT : nmv this question actually, in one case it would probably totally suck )

This skill is great so far, LMP voidbearers are not a threat anymore. I'm gonna stop leveling it soon imo though.

I see a potential interesting combo with :
+ Arctic armor
+ Righteous fire

don't increase Health
get a lot of mana/mana regen and quite a bit of health regen + zealot's oath ( needs a lot of ES obv, like CI builds )

=> Easy auto RF sustain.
( ie : 1k health => 1000 dmgs/sec with RF, 80% fire res => 200 dmgs/sec
ARctic armor lvl 15 => 75 dmgs/sec from RF
with 3k ES ( really not much there ), that would make a need for only .. 2.5% health regen to auto sustain it.
Of course, this can't go with EB though, and it needs the mana to sustain it. )
SSF is not and will never be a standard for balance, it is not for people entitled to getting more without trading.

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artic armor lowers damage from hits, righteous fire does not hit as it is DoT.
so, RF doesn't hit the char ? weird.
nvm then, it is true that artic armor doesn't protect from burns ( still weird ^^ ).
SSF is not and will never be a standard for balance, it is not for people entitled to getting more without trading.

ShakinGaijin : thread 2612666, Dyadus burning earthquake!RIP :(
[outdated]SweetBreaker : thread 823111 (facebreaker IB witch).
[outdated]Sunder guardian : thread 1831267 [BHC]ripped
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After playing a lot more with the level 15 version of the skill (-125 dmg), I actually like it.

Profile: Melee Claw CI Shadow, high attack speed / life leech. I use 3 granite flasks, 1 mana flask, 1 topaz flask.

I went down to just 2 auras (Disc, Hatred) to try Arctic Armor. I usually use Grace as my 3rd aura when soloing maps. I started using Arctic Armor situationally. It is crazy against Voidbearers and the Tentacle chicks. I also use it when fighting 8+ monsters that all do physical/fire dmg. The key is holding shift while attacking....and use flicker strike to move around. You will only trigger the standing mana drain, which with 2% mana leech and my mana regen, I am able too leave it up as long as there are monsters to attack. Lastly, when it is on and I need to run away to regen my ES, I can just let it drain the mana out and it will slow everything behind me. If I have to run away to regen ES, I can take that time to regen mana too / use a mana flask.

So to sum it up, I have switched Grace aura with Arctic Armour. Any not only is it more effective, it is more fun to play!
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this skill is amazing. my CI icewitch is so tanky with it. lvl 67 and at 160/s mana. could easily get higher. I can run into such huge crowds and frostnova proliferate their faces off. once I get a couple more mana nodes I can add grace too.

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