Arctic Armour

I need a dmg reduktion skill/aura to reduce the damage of bigger hits and not again something against low damage hits. I have already armour :(
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well melees get this gem pretty early. but its cost vs viabilty to use it is very very bad.
i hoped for it to be a replacement for a shield to make 2h melee play fun. buts its just impossible to grab enough manaregen, armor and hp. its better to just go full armor + endurance charges instead of trying armor + arctic armor.

i hope that you will lower the costs or make it able to reduce the degen by support gems or passiv talents. are there any plans to change it?
Does arctic armour not work on EK reflect? I guess it might not be considered an attack? I'm not 100% sure, but it honestly seems like its not affecting physical reflect.
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Arctic Armour affects every fire and physical damage you take, with the exception of burn and puncture DoTs (because they are no hits I assume). The question is how much armour do you have? In case of a reflected EK crit, Arctic Armour alone will not safe you. :P
Still pretty impressed by the skill, I liked it enough that I traded for a quality version of it, needs to catch up to the non-quality version first though. With ~13k armour I take 0 damage from almost all white mobs in maps up to lvl 68 so far. Didn't test it in higher ones yet, progressing slowly and doing all my low level maps also.
Since the Wiki page only has the numbers up to lvl 17 I took those two screenshots, maybe someone is interested in the numbers:
Level 18:

Level 19:

€dit: Thanks to my newest find, here is level 20:
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Does using movement skills, like leap slam, whirling blades, and lightning warp cause increased mana drain?
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yes, except lightning warp
Arctic armour is extremely strong when you lvl it up to higher lvl, and I can understand why the mana degeneration rate is so high and it can't be used with blood magic. It's a good decision on their part.
Pretty much the only ways to utilize this:

Non-BM (keystone) builds:
Lvl 1, 5-20% quality for movement speed boost and ground ice for running away.

EB builds:
lvl 10-20, depending on mana regen.
really should make this work whit blood magic.

it would make cyclone even more interesting imo.
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Ty for scam <3
first, blood magic DOES work, just not what people seem to think. the skill costs 0 reserve and 0 mana to cast. all blood magic will does is make those two values cost hp instead of mp. then if using the keystone of bloodmagic, you have 0 mana so the skill ends itself before it even comes to existence on cast.

so you want to rapidly eat up your hp at a fixed number per second (times between 1.95 and 2.45) while moving...
here is why you shouldn't want that... and make blood magic "work". lets get some numbers :D
lv 16 AA would be 190 hp per second (keystone) or 389.5 support gem BM of same level or 292.125 if reduced mana support of same level.

450 (lv 65) + 450 hp from mixture of sources = 900 sub total max hp
900 * 2.5 (as in +150%) hp boost = 2250 max hp.
2250 * 0.8 %hp = 180 hp/sec regen or +1% extra for 5 endurance charges because why not, which is 202.5 hp/s
so 180 and 202.5 vs 190 or 389.5 or 292.125
in damage per second to self
remember this is hypotheticals... none of it is what actually happens but in a "lets suppose". someone could reach a reserve mana cost based number, but that is still pretty far away in build setup. then keystone method is pretty dangerous period due to other skills needing to do thier costs, although can thankfully turn the artic armor off manually.

it is a lot harder (for some people) to deal with fixed numbers as opposed to percents because they (fixed numbers) tend to be higher.
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