Arctic Armour

Please rename Arctic Armour to "Arctic Mana Drain" This skill is miserable in it's current form. It drains ton of mana and is largely useless.
Only tested the skill on a level 40ish character. I think it's a nieche skill good for tanking fire breathing snakes, voidbearers and possibly piety in her fire form. Ofc you need to stand still otherwise i don't know what kind of build you'd need to run around 24/7 and not go oom. So if this skill was meant to be used to facetank, whats the point of having ice patch coming behind you if all you do is stand still.

Don't really know how much damage gets mitigated by the physical reduction but i gess it ain't that bad for white mobs. A white flicker strike mob in sewers totaly owned me though so they either don't do phyisical damage or even the gem ain't good for certain white mobs. This was in the last 1 week race, had like 1.5k hp and i went from half to 0 in one flicker, pots and arctic armour didn't help.
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How will increased duration affect this skill? Will it increase the time between each mana drain, effectively reducing the mana cost? Or will it only increase the duration of the chill effect? And thus being pointless.

Also: make Reduced Mana Cost support work on the drain, it's ridonk.
The only duration on Arctic Armour in the first place, is that of the Ice Trail.
Well ain't that just kosher.

And just did some number crunching. I'll need a mana pool of about 1100, with 100% increase regeneration from nodes, to support Arctic Armor, while standing still that is.
For supporting it while running one would need a whopping ~5100 mana, with a 100% increase, to support the skill.

I think GGG are right to say that this skill is suite to be situational. At best.

However I will begin to work towards finding a use for it. I am a RoA Duelist, using BM Support for my spells, and reserving most of my mana for Auras (like 90%). I will try to employ it in conjunction with mana potions instead of using granite flasks (or as supplement to), since I have fairly high armor as is.
there is 300% mana regen on passive tree, spread between witch and templar towards duelist. then equipment might have mods plus that amulet that has 20-30% mana regen. there isn't as much + max mp (a lot but not easily seen or reached) but int helps a healthy bit. EB is basically required for that "5k" value.
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True, you can gain alot of regen through the passive tree, but it excludes a lot of builds.
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does all that mana regen give you the defense lost in health nodes?
soul4hdwn wrote:
[Regen, Mana, good stuff]. EB is basically required for that "5k" value.

And Clarity would noticably reduce that 5k value depending on %Mana Regen too. :)
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Well I also considered doing a melee char with AA.
However I think it's not really viable for the endgame since the flat damage reduction doesn't protect you from the huge hits you will receive.

Did I get that right?

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