[3.10] The Saviour Flicker Strike Champion. All content down.

NomadFX wrote:
nice summary, thx! beside sirus i am at 50 banner stages and and bosses dont last more than 3 seconds so i think checking adrenaline is valid. getting 10 challenger charges in no time is no problem, it takes around a second or so but i will keep an eye on it.

weapons are 3 ex max. farruls ~7 ex, bottle 8 ex (dont have it yet) boots where 1.7 ex (lol). rest og the gear is cheap. i read in your pob that your budget is up to 40 ex so thats why i wrote way cheaper.

comparing your videos, our damage is pretty much the same.
but well, need to sleep, will check your feedback in detail tomorrow, thx a lot :)

btw way i changed one ring (still WIP) and bought some awa gems.
this pob should be a bit more accurate. no banner, 5 charges.

my char is 2 days old and far from minmaxed.

Yea the "25-50ex" is from times where saviour was covering half of it ^^ So yea budget changed. Will look into the new pob when I find the time
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