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He killed my Sirus lvl8. No complaint here, got my loot pretty fast. Discord streaming was available so thats nice.
legit. Did an uber elder for me.
Verified! Highly recommended!
Got my uber elder carry from this guy and he did it deathless. Amazing service.
Thanks again!
Super Clean Boss Service, 10/10 would ask to kill some bosses again
Great Sirus killer! Quick and seemingly easy for him.
Asked for help for uber elder but I was noob got inside, he still finished even with the 2x health, very good carry! Thank you! I'll contact you for all the carries I'll need next time.
Kill UberElder for me. Big ty!
Baran challenge kill for me. Easy peasy. Garbage loot but really nice. You're definitely on the good list. :D

I jumped into an Enslaver map that had +100% fire damage and AoE mods, which is apparently a no-no.

Was down to my last portal so I called in the cavalry - he finished it off quick and easy!
Quick and easy Uber elder carry.


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