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Froze on my Baran fight. Went mapping for own Baran and invited me for a free conditional - all in under 20min! Much appreciated.
fast and reliable! +1 +1
Fantastic service - super-fast Sirus kill. Highly recommended
Last edited by ShyTalk on Feb 29, 2020, 8:01:19 AM
did +2 support craft for free

Good, fast sirus service
Needed help with Atziri Queen Temple Challenge. Nice guy helped me out without charging anything! Highly recommend his service XD
Helped me with Sirus 8, fast and safe, got a great drop as well
Fast kill for Cortex. Recommend:)
P.S. And 100% delirium map fast complete
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UberElder done, left loot, trustable :D
Super quick and friendly, would definitely recommend :D

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