[Console] Xbox One Patch 3.9.2b Crash

Thank you for communicating with us and letting the community know the current situation. We hope this communication can become a regular occurance. Thanks again
My friends have been able to play since the patch with no problem at all but the moment I load it I get dashboarded. 11/10 would get dashboarded again.
Just bumping this post to bring visibility to the edit in the original post.
Any predictions to correct the problem?

And she posts about consoles...

Dang eta fix is another 24 hours. I really hope POE 2 release allows for cross console otherwise there might not be a reason to play anything other than SSF, these issues definitely don’t help the player base
Wednesday... yikes. Might be league end for me.
Could we possibly load to hide outs by default? Tired of load times into towns just due to all the "MTX" that has to be loaded in then I tp to hide out b efor all the junk can even render.. lol?
Can I get a free quad tab please? I havnt spent $370 on the game maybe $100 in about 18 months.. I know I'm just a tuna... achieving whale status is a challenge. One day..
What a bummer have been enjoying playing and the game was working fine all weekend.
Thanks for the update fellas I appreciate it very much so
Awesome thanks for the update!!! [Take that GGG nay sayers]

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