[Console] Xbox One Patch 3.9.2b Crash

Good job GGG, seems to be working great. Thanks for the fix, now I can get my fix!
So the crash seems to be gone but the frame drops are back!!!!

It ran so smoothly between the crashes.... now the frames are back whenever anything spawns this is not a good middle ground. You need to figure out what is going on and fix it completely
for me the game seems to be much smoother then it was before the last patch. Also much less lag logging into town and using my stash.
fier sherghis wrote:
I've only played POE for about 3 years. I started on PC and switched to Xbox a couple of years ago. This is the first time the game has been so broken I couldn't play. It's been a day. They will fix it. Play something else for a while and come back after it's fixed. It's a free game no matter how much you have chosen to spend.

The fact it's a free download is a marketing strategy. They didn't become a multimillion dollar company giving away free labor, I assure you. Once you play the game for a day or so it becomes evident that stash tabs are basically a requirement. Furthermore, many people like myself have chosen to buy packs every league or every so often because we wanted to support the team that produces and improves a game we love. There have been far too many issues on console since Harbinger league. You are correct that it was our decision to give GGG our money, but it's also our decision to speak up when we believe this money isn't being used to improve our platform to acceptable standards.
Very well said
At least it doesn't crash every 30 seconds now!
I logged on this site to say when I downloaded the 1.61GB patch to fix the crashes 3.9.2b caused for Xbox, (which did fix the crashs), I had to redownload the game because it was locking up at the main menu.

Once it redownloaded, I was able to play, and played for two hours, then signed off for the night.

Today however (01/22/'20), the stability of the game is the worst I've ever seen on Path of Exile since the day I first played (2017). The music is constantly looping, glitching out. I loaded up my character only to be on the loading screen for approximately 5 mins, then it bumped me back to the main menu. Picked my character again, and boom, dashboarded.

Loaded the game again, I get a message saying "This game took to long to load". Tried again, instantly dashboarded. Tried one more time, picked my character, loading screen for 1 min, then boom again, dashboarded. At this very moment I'm on the main menu, getting ready to select my character.

While this update did fix the crashes for 3.9.2b, it came with another major problem to the point that I cannot load my character and play at all.
GGG if you need clips of the horrendous lag and fps issues that are back since your "fix" let me know I have hundreds of freeze captures to the point I can't even play now

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