Console - Patch Deployment Processes and Communication

Earlier this week, we deployed Patch 3.9.2b which happened to introduce a significant crash for Xbox One console users. We made a post to acknowledge the issue and let people know what to expect in terms of a fix. We received a lot of feedback in response to this and we are keen to talk about it.


We agree that we can improve our communication with the console community. While most of our news schedule is designed to apply to the Path of Exile community as a whole, we think it would help to have more posts regarding console updates. In addition to posting console-specific patch notes, we plan to let you know once we have submitted an update to Microsoft/Sony for review so that you'll have a better idea of when to expect them.

We have a team of developers who are passionate and dedicated to all things console and we all find it frustrating when things aren't working as well as they should. Our console producers and community team will be working more closely going forward to ensure that we are communicating as much as possible when an issue has been identified and on any other information that would be prudent to tell the community.

We'll be making a thread in the console announcement forum that will be dedicated to keeping you updated about console patch deployment. We'll use this to let you know when we've submitted a patch for review, when we expect it to be live and to confirm when a patch has been deployed. This enables us to keep you updated quickly and easily while ensuring that you'll always know where to find this information.

As a side note, we are keen to hear your thoughts on where we communicate. We have focused most of our communication attention on our news forums but we would like to hear from you whether there are other more convenient places that we could share this news as well.

Patch Deployment Processes

The process of deploying a patch on console is slightly different than deploying it on PC. It requires a separate, additional round of quality assurance testing and we are also required to give Microsoft/Sony enough time to review the update and either approve it or request changes. On PC we rely entirely on our internal team for checking and deploying patches so we can get them out quite quickly when needed. This means that console patches, by their nature, are generally slower to deploy than the PC ones. This also means that if a significant crash is introduced, like the one earlier this week, then we aren't able to easily revert the patch until it's fixed like we would for a PC update.
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