[Console] Patch Deployment Processes and Communication

Well, if you're opening your ears - can we please please please have some of the most basic performance optimization on PS4? I don't care if I'm capped at 30 FPS and medium graphics, I will gladly take that over constant lag and constant crashing. It's hard to enjoy running Labs when the game crashes literally right before I kill Izaro and deletes all the darkshrine buffs and treasure keys I spent an extra hour looking for.

And failing that, maybe at least some character dialogue subtitles? Please? Love you guys.
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Well I guess I'll start sending more nudes. Ever since i did y'all been communicating and fixing everything. Guess it worked. Thanks and be looking for those emails with attachments :)
Lame Lock wrote:
While it is great to see a direct post for the console community about a concern for the console community, lack of knowledge on patch deployment is an annoyance, but not where things fail.

The most important failures with the console community exists in the area of performance and features. With the former being the obvious priority.

Path of Exile originated as a PC game. I get that. I was there. But with being there at the beginning also comes the memory of a console launch being in the plans long before many realize. I remember discussing the potential and probability of this back in beta days.

Not only did PoE launch for XBox, but later for a second console. And now we will also be ushering in a mobile client. I think it is time that platforms outside of PC start to get the same attention the PC community receives.

With each year it is becoming blatantly obvious that the internal idea is to spread to as many platforms as possible, but what is the point if those mediums become tired of seeing trade tools, guild structure, chat, tab pricing, etc... Only available to a single platform, and leave?

I do not mean to be a "whiner" in a post that should be good news for us, but what good is knowing exactly when a patch will hit, if we still struggle with performance to even play the game as intended?

A very large amount of builds on the PC platform go ignored on console simply because the machines can not handle it.

These are consoles. We do not have the option of just cutting new hardware to keep pace. If the game is going to be available on a specific platform, then the performance should be tested with that platform in mind.

Furthermore, GGG fails at communicating on their own forums as a whole. Most relevant and pointful information hits other spectrums before it does here, which is ridiculous. That amounts to the same as having my own custom car, but walking down to the neighbor's to bum a ride instead.

If GGG fails to utilize their own forums as most anyone would expect, why would expectations for a platform specific subforum be any different?

Communication is great. Accessibility, stability, enjoyment, and options are even better.

I am glad to see somebody at GGG finally say, "we can do better by them", but honestly, you (GGG) are missing the first few rungs of the ladder.

well said
As a side note, we are keen to hear your thoughts on where we communicate. We have focused most of our communication attention on our news forums but we would like to hear from you whether there are other more convenient places that we could share this news as well.

i mean the forums are as good a place as any, but for xbox players the start screen is a good start. you could also post in the poe club on xbox, as there is a fairly large number of members.

honestly though it would be a massive step forward if ggg would even acknowledge console players from time to time. i get that poe is a pc game and that's where the majority of attention is put, but there is a very dedicated console player base who feel like a mere afterthought. we will get mtx within days of pc, but bugs and performance issues seem to get thrown under the rug.

this league launch was probably the worst in 2 years, which i can understand with conquerors being launched alongside it, but ggg have been silent about it. its not good enough to only hear from you when the game is literally unplayable.

also pls work on optimizing the game better for console. drop the graphics if you need to, just make the game run smoother.
give elementalist her prolif back... it was all she had left
Nixe that u finaly not ingoring console players anymore. My recomendation is take ur time with the patches. We dont need to neccesarily keep up with the pc version. Just make sure that what ever u add is working on a enojoyable level
Thank you Bex & Jeff.
This is really refreshing to hear and finally some acknowledgement to the console community.

On console I’ve seen huge improvements in the latest patch, so thank you to the console devs!
Thanks for letting us know that you care about console community.
I love your game and been playing tons of hours. Since I have been doing alot of the end game I have faced most of the problems due to console graphics limitations.
Yesterday on my awakener fight, I manage to kill Sirus on the last try, most of my deaths was due to lag caused by PS4 Pro not capable of not rendering the transparencies and the massive red and black vortex at the same time. I had to go of screen as fast as I could when it started lagging, and hope sirus didn't snipe me in the process. It was very frustrating to die not to the fight it self but the visual lag. Also, the game crashed four times in a 2-hour session. I love metamorph league and has been until now the best league in terms of content that I played. I will still keep pushing and griding your lovely game. Thanks for your hard work and awsome game you made.
I find it amazing that the 'crash patch' could have passed, not only, internal testing, but also MS QA testing procedure.

If it were me, I'd be trying to find out how that happened, it wasn't a hard bug to replicate, and it wasn't limited to a handful of people, it affected a lot of people, maybe even every Xbox One X unit.

We appreciate that issues happen, and the fact it was quickly fixed, but something like this shouldn't have happened, and certain shouldn't happen again.
Better communication is never a bad thing, but if that is where this stops then you will just be communicating to a smaller and smaller audience each time.

Constant crashes, poor UI, horrible trading experiences, graphical lag (this one really annoys be, unlike PCs where there are an almost unlimited number of hardware configurations possible, you have a baseline unit to develop for - develop for that and make it stable and smooth, then expand upon it......).
All of these are constantly pushing people away from the game :(
As the saying goes. Too little, too late. Standard is a ghost town and the league is not much better. Console gamers won't put up with constant crashing and constant slowdowns to 0/1fps, as evident by the almost dead game.

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