[Console] Patch Deployment Processes and Communication

When will the consoles get the new Core packs?
GGG said early next year, and we are almost at the end of the first quarter of the year, and we got no feedback whatsoever.
Thanks for your patient.
The communication is not the problem at all!
The problem is the awful performance on console.
Playing in a group is basicly not possible cause after 1 or 2 maps someones game crahes.
Cant use sextants fragments etc. on maps cause that makes even single player unplayable.
I died 3 times now from lv 99 to lv 100 cause of crashes or lags and know what i give up!
Great job GGG on that!

Im loving every aspect of this game but im slowly giving up if the perfomance does not change dramaticly!
And thats what everyone will do sooner or later.

What a waste.....
Just give us options to lower quality, I would happily play (AND SPEND MONEY ON PACKS!!) on potato quality if I can actually play without lag.
So I guess GGG just gave up on this again then? They're still silent and never respond to anything, individually or otherwise.

Dont worry though dudes, the fog is from poe 2 and doesn't cause Lagg.
*laughs in struggling high end pc*
*cries in console *
No need to keep us updated every single step you take. Just fix the game already!
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