[License][NA] Recruiting for Heist league!! | 60 spots open!

Hello, Welcome to the License thread! Make sure you read all the information at the bottom!

About the Guild

This guild is new as of 01/20/20 and POE is the first division into our guild originally and we are now spreading out to new games as divisions! We have a pretty small base of people that play together quite a bit and we would like you to become apart of our community!

Available space!(22/30)

There will only be top of 30 Guild members to begin with! | Atm We will be accepting everyone but once we hit 30 it will be on personality/Participation as in socializing and grouping(Optional)but just bonus points.


We do Require you to be active within discord at least once a week! or you will be kicked! We want people to become apart of the community not the just the game that you are playing within the guild!


We are all adults here! You know how to act! I will not post obvious stuff just be a human being and have common sense. You can swear and have funny discussions but obviously think about others do not offend anyone if you think someone is offended or if you are offended remove yourself from that conversations and tell me so i can solve it between the both of you! Also all of GGG rules applies do not cheat or Scam anyone!


You will get the discord link once you join the guild in game!

Guild Streamers

We also support our Members! If you have a Stream/YouTube I will post here!

2.Do you have discord(Required!):
3.Are you a human with common sense:
4.What build are you playing at the moment:
5.Years of knowledge in the game:

Make sure your IGN is a name that i can reach you at in game! Me or an officer will message you within a 2-3 hour period or even faster because we are very very active!

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