Max Block Bleed Gladiator - Video Guide

Thanks for posting this guide, Morph!

Took the build to 100 and had a ton of fun. I went the non-elder version for more flexibility in gearing as I was also using Divine Flesh. Super tanky and the damage was more than enough, especially with clusters (Wasting Affliction + Rend). Sirus is a joke and wave 20 Kosis is no problemo. Soul Ripper adds a nice boost to the map clear, but it's fine without - I didn't add it until after lv 100.

Was okay as a league starter, but you really need the helm enchant and quite a bit of attack speed for the build to feel good. I used Blade Storm instead (with the speedy ascendancy nodes instead of block) and transitioned to max block EQ later in red maps.
I'm playing this in harvest, its working very well with a 350 dps crafted axe and full elder gear

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