Sirus any level | Any Bosses | All maps | No HOG | YES - Complete Encounters V|

+rep good boss kill 10/10
Ggg please give me LUCKY :/
thank you very much, killed sirus pretty fast
using it the first time , was great . my loot , will use again.

nice guy btw
Came in and salvaged a shaper run, quick easy, very professional, would highly recommend.
Good carry, helped me out in a t16 elder guardian.

Nice guy, confused him abit about not being specific, but he helped me out anyway. +1!
IGN: Ralfe
Fast and Trusted!
+1 Nice guy, helped Sirus A7
Killed A8 Sirus
Thanks, cool boss killer. This guy help me reach 36. Best regards!
Just got my Celestial Hideout through a shaper kill with Vod_MMM :D


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