[PS4] 3.9.2e Patch Notes

serious lag issues since last update(2e)

PS4 here, west coast NA, ever since the last update (e) the game is incredibly laggy, spikes, choppy and rubber banding - simply un-enjoyable to play in any zone. Currently running thru Vastiri desert, one minion in use and experiencing unplayable conditions ( even with zero enemies on-screen ).

Been running the above zone a few times for several days and have never seen it this bad before. It began with the latest PS4 update - something is broken with it.

Not risking losing 10% to cheap deaths due to severe lag.

Can run fairly smoothly in the hideout but even when there I experience a bit of lag every few seconds.

All other PS4 games are working normally - just Path since the update is a mess.

Please check this out ASAP...I need my Path fix daily !

( cross-posted in bug reports in hope of some response , thank you )

update : turned off corner map, health bars, screen shake ( reverb sound was already off ) and had a noticeable improvement in performance today - hope that helps
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What they should put in the game immediately is when you try to buy something and you put the asking price that there asking for you shouldn’t have to wait for the person that is selling the item to confirm it it’s pointless because you are already giving the asking price because I find a lot of people on ps4 in game trade trying to influence the market by putting there asking price for there items so low but they never sell the item(s) it will confuse people that go and price check No one has time to price check every item that there trying to sell and if there not giving the asking price then there offer shouldn’t go though I lose count of how many times a day I get offers on my six links items or awaken gems or anything else I have that’s worth currency such trash offers and it isn’t just new people that just started to game i find that its the experienced player of the game doing it the most which is pathetic and sad

Wow couldn’t have come at a better time some person just offered 1 chaos orb for my awaken elemental support gem
Added a notification when completing an Awakening Objective.

I haven't seen any kind of notification for completing an objective and I have done a few of them. I image they should look like the challenge notifications?
Boatdoctor wrote:
What they should put in the game immediately is when you try to buy something and you put the asking price that there asking for you shouldn’t have to wait for the person that is selling the item to confirm it ...

I image that since the default (and currently only) trading option is `negotiable` that there might have been plans for that, but they have not been realized yet.

Having a option like `fixed price` or `directly reject lowballing offers` (but that would require a definition of what a lowballing offer is) would be nice to have.

But before they change that I would actually like to see a real filter option for all the crap. Browsing through 400 pages of `jewels`, with 144 items each page, just to find one that matches the mods you want it to have is quite tedious.
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rmsison1 wrote:
Please for the love of God, DO NOT ADD CHAT or GUILDS. Have you ever seen the chat for PC version? Or just chat in any game in general? Or even youtube. It's a cesspool for toxic and immature people. Chat is for people who are bored playing the game (not POE specifically, but any game in general).

If you want, there are POE communities in PS4. I'm a member of those communities, and I dont even bother going there after a week or so because how pathetic people are in there.

If anything, I would want a Do Not Disturb feature where a freaking dude offering one chaos orb for my six link would shut up while I kill Sirus.

The only thing that trade can improve upon is the search system. Other than that, it's fine. No one gets scammed in PS4 trade - no need to go to someone's hideout for trade.

Please think before you go asking for something.


Just look on this forum how mature are the requests for the game chat :D.

Chat and guilds when?

Performance when?
Any support from devs when?

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