Potato Gamer Helping thread :D

Thank you. Good fast service.
Thank you for the kill! Promised my loot and delivered, with me accidentally making the fight a party fight making it harder haha
I am vouching for Metasteria in helping me to complete Sirius awakener 4
free carry and I even got my first awakened gem
Thank you very much =)
Fast and safe Sirus kill with me in party and in the fight. Saw all drops so guaranteed to be safe, though you may die if you stay inside the map.
Thank you for the kill!!!
Did my A8 Sirus flawlessly. Would recommend ! +1 :D :D
Killed my temp chain elder guard, great guy recommended!
Tyvm for the help!
Helped with an Awakener level 8 Sirus kill, in a nice and friendly manner :) Thanks again
thanks for kill!! much recomended
IGN camkhaos

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