Potato Gamer Helping thread :D

Great Sirius kill service!!
Thanks alot helped me killing sirus
hope you the best
Good day, sir. Thanks for the help. Keep up the good work. Keep safe and God bless.

#FrostBheeZerker :))
Super Sirius Carry! HE did it no sweat at all! must have build!
Thanks for all the build advice today; you're very knowledgeable.
( and the AG setup <3 )
thnks for helping for my build god bless
Killed shaper for me, quick and easy!
Highly recommended! Thanks!
Last edited by portdover on May 3, 2020, 9:54:26 PM
thank you for killing uncle sirus :)
Thank you for killing Uncle Sirus. Easy peasy :D

- Takay
thank you, for the sirus carry service, even on the 300 ping realm, still did it :P

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