[PS4] 3.9.2f Patch Notes

Va_mp wrote:

I take your point, and agree that's what we're required to do.

Similarly though, it's completely backwards. It's GGG that should be adjusting things.
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I use zombies to farm Sirus. Lag spikes are definitely there though. And you will die 100%. Least deaths I had on him was 1. So level up first, if possible, before killing him. I suggest do an uninstall every patch release...Like right now. Also take off ALL your MTX cosmetics for this fight. It helps a ton.

Also do a rebuild database for your Ps4. It helps with not only POE but your other games as well. Another person here also suggested taking off sound.

Hope it helps.
The following items now allocate to the Map Maker when they drop: Timeless Jewels, Ivory Watchstones, Awakened Gems, Awakener's Orbs, Conquerors' Exalted Orbs and Uniques from Legion, Blight, Metamorph and Conquerors of the Atlas bosses.

This update kills party play. Everyone wants to be map maker now.

I have no problem with certain things allocating to mapmaker like prophecy, awakened gems etc.

But metamorph, legion, blight uniques? Too much

I give all my splinters or a blighted map to someone and he gets all the uniques?

Not a problem with good friends. But im not going to play with strangers when im not the map maker. And if everyone wants to be mapmaker it will essentially kill party play.
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The party system a is much bigger problem!
often the party members icon’s grafik can’t been seen, and other times players is Grey even tho u in same city:(

And what’s up with u can’t party from in game, why do u have to friend everyone like i dont have plenty friends alreday, chould be Nice just playning with a random guy when friends not online, and make an in game chat so u dont have to go in and out of the game every time, far from all there is useing PS meassages!

Otherwise Huge Many thx for an really awesome game:)
Omfg still no fucking fix to any of the boss fights... are you kidding me... GGG really don’t give a shit!!!!
The fix to the Sirus freeze with minions is in this patch.

Improved performance related to monster and minion pathfinding.

This fixes a lot of bad cases of performance problems with minions, including Sirus' last phase where minions tried to pathfind to the boss and could not.

Minion build performance should be much better in general.

I’m gonna go after him again, if I waste my dam time spawning him again and same crap I’m done I think, been feeling like giving up on you all for sometime now we will see how this goes ,

Ps who ever reply’s to your email sucks, I’d fire them if I was you, they just piss people off to no end!!
I just had to come back here after killing Sirus deathless with 14 zombies. I just killed him with NO issues...not even lag. I even forgot to take off my MTX...forgetting my own advice that I posted earlier.

So thank you GGG. At least from my experience, they fixed it.

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GGG should be adjusting things [Removed by Support]. I was one of the original beta testers and I'm truly disappointed in Chris. He doesn't even address the forums anymore has some newbee shits to do it for him.
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I literally keep blue screening on UBER labs now since the new patch came out ....
My blue screens happen in delves. 3 or 4 a night! Path of Exile: Blue Screen Edition!

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