[3.12]The BLOCKMAN endgame farming build. All content farming (Cheap and tanky)League starter

Got the 30% increased reckoning cooldown enchant on helmet, worth keeping or reroll for cyclone AS?
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The best option would be keep it and get second Abyssus to try get cyclone enchant.
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OMG, just did Elder today and look what he give me :))))))

CBuH wrote:

Always a fan of cyclone builds, tried coc nova, slayer impale, and now rolling over here. Thanks for the inspiration!
Really good build and does all content extremely well. Thanks for guide and pob :) Enjoying this alot!
Nice build man thank you.

I can't find wich panth are you using for it on the forum.
A couple of hours seeing this build, I know I gotta build it.

Here I am a few hours later and close to a hundred ex, could've been cheaper if I wasn't lazy crafting.

My only other question is, would we go for Pride or Precision mod if I want to slot watchers eye?

What would you recommend?

Thanks for the guide!
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Ok guys, I did with this build Simulacrum 20/20, Sirus 6 (downgraded him from AW 8 because did not wanted waste him and wasnt sure how hard it will be, 6 was easy, next time gonna try 7), Elder, Shaper and for challenges I did full Delirium T16 Hydra run and T14 Elder Guardian map.

It wasnt always deathless but I feel Im lacking damage (Hydra full delirium T16 was way too long) and I dont see that much room for improvements. I mean we use so many uniques that the only piece I can get is ring that would help with DPS and maybe second chest with crit instead explosion. Triple Pride is out of mu budget (have impale/pride one).

Would facebreaker version provide more damage? Or maybe some changed tree with the jewel clusters? Anyone tested some of them?

Dont get me wrong, the build is good and tanky enough but at this point I would like to have more damage to have more fun with harder content like full delirium maps, double boss Simu, etc.
CBuH wrote:

can you post your gear and pastebin?

damn you have SUPER DPS

what sword are you using?

nice videos.

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