[3.12]The BLOCKMAN endgame farming build. All content farming (Cheap and tanky)League starter

I just killed Awakened 8 Sirus deathless with this build clean and quick. Thanks a lot for introducing this tanky build which suits my play style very well. It is a very solid build for all contents.

I made some changes to this build by using some cluster jewels. Also, I used Aul's Uprising to get free Pride and managed to get Flesh and Stone as an extra aura. Dps improved a bit as a result, but this is unnecessary.

This is a PoB link of my build and hope it can stimulate your thoughts on how minor adjustments can be made to improve the build further.

I just want to say thank you for this build. I managed to reach level 98, did 38 challenges and made enough money for a HeadHunter. I've never done any of this before.

This build look solid and hoping it wont get nerfed alot for 3.11 sins i wanna use it as my legue starter :)
Hi all, i want to try this bild like league starter in 3.11./Hope any nerf/ Its possible to kill and farm blighted maps with this build??
Has anyone tried using this build with Lacerate? If so, how would you fix the Mana Leech needed?
Can i start harvest with this build?
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Is this build still viable in 3.11 considering the nerfs? Thanks in advance.
ACT111 wrote:
Is this build still viable in 3.11 considering the nerfs? Thanks in advance.

Aside from losing stun immunity on cyclone, the only other thing that probably has an effect on the build is the HoP nerf.
This might be a good chance to try some other skill instead of cyclone. I think it's still going to be pretty strong build. We won't really know until the actual patch notes are out and the new skill tree changes are shown.
Thank you it's for my son who keeps dying with his Furty bladestorm berserker build and he really wants a cyclone after playing with my necro plus he dies often so this might be a fit for him?
Paradoxica is BiS ? i mean i dont really know how the double damage works its only counts to cyclone or to reckoning too.
harvest is about crafting so its should be easly to craft some very hight pDPS sword so its should be more damage but of course hight budget

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