[3.12]The BLOCKMAN endgame farming build. All content farming (Cheap and tanky)League starter

Should you use Abyssus in hardcore or too dangerous?
writerpts wrote:
Added Paradoxica to build and seems like it is broken, because I feel my dps become even less than before.

Double damage or % to do Double Damage?
At what point can I start to use Blood Rage? is there a specific skill node that i need to take first before i can comfortably use Blood rage? because this gem is sucking my hp like no tomorrow..
Been running this build and i must say it is only getting stronger and stronger.

can check my profile if guys want , Char is Zoe_The_Thief

Legit beast mode and im using some odd ball gear pieces.

Uber Lab Completed, Starting my mapping now and everything Tier6 so far just Melts.

@Blood Rage question i used it soon as i could, didn't run into many issues.
can i use Clusters jewel?
Is Lacerate better than cyclone?
TrisTris wrote:
Hi Poisom, is it possible for new pob? There seems to be a problem and errors when trying to import your pob.


edit: Got it. had to download pob community fork.

Do you min explain what to download i'm trying to figure out .

Thanks :)
i too get error when importing the pob under the "leveling" section.
For those who have problems with the PoB, make sure you are using Path of Building Community Fork from:

Used this build during blight, worked very good.

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