🏆 [Free] Boss Carry Service 🏆

Doing boss carries (Sirus/Uber Elder) for free, your loot of course.

ign: UncataHarvCoC

I can stream on twitch.tv/uncatalyzed

Tips are appreciated.
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Fast and safe. Did it very quickly on one portal. Got a warlord necky worth 70c.
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Nice and friendly, did it deathless for me and even streamed the show! :)
Did my Sirus 8 easily, also good loot
+ Awakener's Orb that I gave him as tip
killed my sirus a8 fast and safe +rep
Great carry. 10/10 Would ask for carry again.
Just carried my Sirus on 2p hp, called me in for the kill and I got the loot. Highly recommend!
Killed my Sirus A1 with ease, good service!

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