Path of Exile: Delirium Console Launch

In the past, we've typically launched new expansions on console on the Monday following the PC's weekend release. Our plans for launching Path of Exile: Delirium on console are slightly different than usual so we want to outline what to expect and why this is happening.

Typically our console launch happens on the Monday following PC's Friday release. We are planning to launch Delirium on Wednesday March 18th (PST).

There are several reasons for this. A slightly later launch on console allows us to get as much stability and polish into the console release as possible and we can include more of the hotfixes that may have been introduced to the PC version within that time.

This launch date also improves the safety of our console launch and minimises the possibility of not being able to make it through the certification process in time.

By releasing on Wednesday, we'll have enough time to submit an update should one be needed prior to the weekend for any other immediate issues that may need to be addressed.

We understand that this isn't ideal for players who are eager to play the expansion as soon as possible. We would love to be able to release on all platforms simultaneously but technical restraints make that impossible at this current time. We expect that the improvements to the console launch as a result of us gaining a few days will make the wait worthwhile.

We expect that Path of Exile: Delirium will launch on Wednesday, March 18th at 3:00pm PST.
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When can we expect the new supporter packs on console?
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Always amazes me to see the amount communication GGG provides to the community.
Thanks for the update Bex! Now since we are getting the new league launch on Wednesday instead of Monday can we get a tiny extension to the current Metamorph league? For example a day or two; if you could find that out for us console players we would really appreciate it!
I love you
I ended up quitting metamorph mid december because of all the bugs and issues with the release, which I documented clearly in the bugs section.

So please, take another week if you have to.

Or just add controller support to PC, I have 4 capable PCs that can run it, and they all run the game a lot nicer than my PS4 can (which isn't shocking)
I am delighted that GGG plan to take a little longer to ensure we get the best experience.
This last league has suffered from horrendous lag issues on many builds (NOT just minions), and we all know ground effects (such as the Delirium fog) have caused similar lag issues in the past.
If a few extra days eliminates this, then take the time you need.

One other thing I’d love to see is the ability to pre-download new leagues (less important to league patches) before launch time so that everyone starts the ‘race’ at the same time.
Too long we have the industry assumption that we all have 100Mbit+ broadband and it gives those that do an unfair advantage over those who geographically can’t get such a service.
There is no reason a league start patch can’t be available (and cached ready to apply) at 3pm PST and the league go live at 7pm, or any combo of patch/start time that logistically works to give a reasonable pre-download window.

EDIT: Of course using an optimised patch dataset method, rather than deploying every file that changed, would drastically reduce patch file sizes as well, which would also help those with slower broadband services.
I can not believe that the majority of league patches in Metamorph had 4GB of file deltas, if they did then there is something horribly wrong going on at either development or compiling stages.
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if it means less bugs and crashing then i'm all for it
Good news. This means my week off isn't wasted, I'm glad you've decided on this course of action as Metamorph was pretty bad at launch on console. I'm looking forward to starting Delirium with Kinetic Bolt!

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