Path of Exile: Delirium Console Launch

I agree with lolubad can’t believe how gullible all you guys on here are posting thinking that the delay will actually help the console release. It’s gonna be the same shit as the last few leagues all this does is gives us one less week this is such a buzzkill for the games release and a step in the wrong direction in trying to better the marketing and attraction towards console players. In fact it gears itself more towards “go play PoE on pc” if anything. “ Hey console rejects come play our new expansion a week after pc so you’ll have everything spoiled for you oh and it’s only late because we want to solve as many issues with start league before putting it on console thanks” yeah right prove me wrong
Are we going to have chat on consoles next league ?
Are we going to have chat on consoles next league ? Also Are we going to have any issues solved like lag ? Server's upgradations, A 10 times a day bluescreens fix on Consoles please. Hope GGG are aware of those issues on consoles. Thank you.
For the people talking about the game being tested and certification.

With the three month league cycle, everything is always rushed just due to the size of the team. Look at Diablo they do something similiar with seasons yet the only change they do is balance changes no new content.

If you watched the most recent baeclast you will of seen that the alpha testers were hoping to start testing delirium on friday. Which would give them a week of testing if you go all the way up to release on PC. but really they would need to time to fix things found in the testing so really its probbaly only got 4 or 5 days of testing before release.

I wonder if any of them are on ps4 or xbox?

As for certification this is why console have had issues. I did some quick google research and it says that it normally takes 1-2 weeks for certification to go through, so lets go with the low number, if it takes a week that means what console get on launch would be what the alpha team receive to test, sounds about right from previous leagues.
poe 2 on next gen consoles? 120fps :D :D :D
Just fix the map stash tab already ffs. Cant play standard league with my blight account because my maps tab is old....and i refuse to buy a new one just to store maps.
I do not think that release dates of updates or content drops are a major concern for the console community. You as very passionate players are the minority, but the general sentiment seems to differ from your qualms of feeling relatively deprived towards the PC version.

PoE has a ton of content and systems to discover and indulge in. New content is not in such high demand, if players have not explored the whole game yet.

Personally I could not care less about comparisons to the PC version and I believe most consoleros feel the same. Most off them most likely do not know or never played the PC version anyway. They just click on the F2P section in the console stores and try the game by chance... there are just two concerns... how accessible is the game and how good does it feel to play?

Most players just long for a stable experience without lags and crashes and would trade anything else for that... content updates, looks... you name it. They literally would play the game with stick men, if it would resolve the technicalities.

Personally I perceive it as such as GGG just have been too ambitious with their console version. Maybe they should just give up on the idea that all versions of the game, PC and console, ought to be alike, at least for now, presuming it would help them in improving the experience.

I still see a ton of potential and so much work is been put into the game already. They should just give some things up, which are difficult to bring on console and polish others. It needs a paradidm shift.
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Just give them a chance. Dont judge before. It could go good. We will see... thanks for the information. Id rather would prefer playing the same launch day as PC does and have crossplay also, but this seems not to be possible sadly.

I hope everything goes smooth this time.
Still need an option to turn skill effects down, I need more fps to be able to play certain builds. Give me as much detail and effects in town as youd like, but while I'm mapping I want fast gameplay and lower effects. Some changes to the auction house would also be appreciated.

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