Path of Exile: Delirium Console Launch

Derick55 wrote:
Still need an option to turn skill effects down, I need more fps to be able to play certain builds. Give me as much detail and effects in town as youd like, but while I'm mapping I want fast gameplay and lower effects. Some changes to the auction house would also be appreciated.

I have no hope for being able to play this league. I was watching ziz use spellslinger lagging his brains out. Console have no chance to not lagg to a halt and rip. Heck I even saw raiz's pc melting from Ed contag
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Guys, let me know if u have a tanky top hank build that can handle this lag. Dont want the easier answer necro zombie bleee. Im planning a jugg almost imortal build... lets see
Oh of course there are delays... Why am I not surprised?
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I do hope they do not take away the current Supporter Packs available until the end of week.
Jeff_GGG wrote:

We've resolved the most common client crash that some users were experiencing on PS4, this fix will go live with the release of 3.10.0. We do review reports that we receive through the built in PlayStation reporting system, so do please continue to send these through as they can be helpful for us.

If anyone didn't see this, it was in some crash report as answer. Hope?
I 100% support the idea of waiting longer if it means a more stable launch. I do however remain deeply skeptical that this delay will result in a stable or adequately performing version of the game, as I've played multiple seasons now and it always seems to be the same story. Crippling performance with specific encounters and/or density, constant and frequent random crashes, often robbing you of loot; achievements (eg crashing during lab runs) and xp when you log back in -10%. I can't overstate how frustrating this is due to the frequency that it happens. I would have left this game long ago were it not for the fact that it has so many things going for it, but what I will say is I do not feel inclined to spend money on it beyond what I have to (eg stash tabs) because I feel like I've been punished by the games bugs way too often. I genuinely hope this changes, and if it ever does, I will vote with my wallet but not before.
ps. I don't expect perfection (far from it) but I feel this game crosses the line in terms of stability and performance on console.

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When console league end (time) I know I saw on Reddit March 15 but what time ,it's like midnight March 16 now metamorph didn't go to standard yet is this a patch you need to deploy?

Thank you.

Edit: saw it ,end same time as the league started -_-
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just make sure opening the atlas doesn't brick the game (:
give elementalist her prolif back... it was all she had left
Im readyyyyy!!! Watch out for Chee3Toe!
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How come PC gets more love than your console players?

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