Path of Exile: Delirium Console Launch

GGG I never take the time to post myself, but this was the smoothest league release for a large group of players last night. I never counted on even having the added improvements PC players requested. Once again I’m thankful for PC play testing before console releases!!!! The UI and animations seemed smoother this time around, definitely had upgraded performance and stability!!! I wish the GGG console team got more credit and thanks for the amount of pure effort, THANK YOU for my group’s amazing league start last night!
Not sure what console you were playing on but i wasnt able to move at all last night on launch from the beginner zone. Tried playing this morning and literally unplayable at the moment. Between packet loss and out right disconnects i logged out at level 6. PS4 with SSD and a 200 meg connection.
PS4PRO SSD drive with just 100 mbps wifi- not even a cable connection. Might have been the actual server? I didn’t look which gateway I connected with. I changed my WiFi settings months ago due to so much packet loss by neighboring connections. Haven’t needed to connect via cable for a long time. Can’t imagine how many are using the net now while staying home cuz of Corona virus. No joke this was the smoothest launch for several I had spoke with, all in different acts. Hope the same goes for tonight.
No news on POE PS4 asia to be release?!?!

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