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Hidden Waterfalls v4.1 (Lush Hideout)

When old and new masters unite, in hopes of solving ancient mysteries of a long forgotten village settled around hidden waterfalls...

A lush hideout designed to be efficient as possible while looking calm and relaxing. It's made for everyday use. Everything needed is around and close to the map device. Helena and stashes are together in our hut(items can be vendored or stashed without moving). All portals work, every master have their own places. Includes little MTX.



HideoutShowcase (for screenshots):


Download (direct link):

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How many ho you make ?
today i see you hideout in trade time
Kraken1992 wrote:
How many ho you make ?

This is my only hideout at the moment, also there is no MTX version of this. I have some plans to make a Sunken, but not sure when that will be.
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