Delirium Challenge Rewards

Looking really nice, probably my favorites since betrayal! Great reward at 12, glad not to be getting footprints :)
Man that's some ugly ass awards. I need them.
[3.9]Hasunic's Toxic Rain Trickster:
[3.7]Voidforge Flicker Strike Slayer:
[3.7]Oni-Goroshi Fire Vaal Reave Zerker:
Wings are a bit too much for me , otherwise good job as always!
two back attachemnts? jfc and no portal. sad
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36 or even 40, here we go

I can't wait to discover the new challenges !
Not too bad, quite dark and hard to see but it's on theme.

Horns... meh.
Cloak... pretty cool, at least something different.
Wings... cool but too heavy with that clunky outer part.
Last edited by Zphyr on Mar 8, 2020, 9:15:39 PM
kinda like the wings tbh...
It's just "meh" for me. Can you think of other creative ideas aside from helm, back attachment, or portal for a reward in every league?

Whatever I'll just play the league "naturally" again. I don't mind if I ended up with 12, 24 or 36. I don't see the reward as motivation to do extra effort to get it.
Last edited by boyandroid on Mar 8, 2020, 9:19:37 PM
no set. im out. thx
wish they'd give delirium mirror portal instead of the wings QQ

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