Delirium Challenge Rewards

You guys don't understand. The real challenge is playing the league and not going above 11/40 so you don't get these trash MTX in your stash.
I love the cloak, wings and horns are okay, overall it's WAY better than metamorph rewards. Nice!
If the horns isn't a helmet and a head attachment I like them.

I do miss the days when just completing the campaign do side quests kill a few minor bosses and interacting with the league until them you would get 12.

I think at least 1 support pack should somewhat fit the league theme. and if the current 2 fit the theme I can't see the link.
dont feel like getting any of these so hope the league mechanic is fun. i dont understand the logic in having a cloak and wings as rewards at all. you cant use both.
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If those wings were like.. 60% smaller I'd really like them.
cloak and wings... 2 back things really? ....
I really like the new wings, just no the "extra" on the end of them. Turns a really elegant design and makes it look clumpy and boring.
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Really disapointed... :(
Nice... gimme them challenge rewards :)

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