Delirium Challenge Rewards

Bad rewards is good, no hard feelings when you skip it...
wow...these rewards are ugly af...

So no challenge hunting for me this league
Nice that we got helm as 12 challenge reward but it look's kinda meh.

Maybe the cloak is somewhat OK'ish.

Maybe I'm gonna try to get these if this league is gonna run well.
Memory usage seems to FINALLY be OK.

Hopefully, this mess doesn't happen again.

Say HI to useless forced Bloom though:D.
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So 24 is enough, which is a good thing. No need super expensive 820 this League. Nice
Wow..Rewards are unatractive completly...GGG isnt the time to change rewards completly? every league same rewards, even when they aare good looking there is very little desire to chase them.
36 is meh. Will pass it this league. 24 looks solid.
36 could be portal like that :/ but thank you so much for works mates <3
It's always good when the rewards are so meh that I don't even have to look at the challenges. :D

Blight had a portal at 24. That made me do things I would not have done otherwise, and that really burned my out some.
Online delenda est:
When the lifecycle of PoE will draw to an end many years from now,
there needs to be a final patch making it available offline.
look good
At least, this time, there's nothing I could regret.
with that new atlas I hate, I didn't even do 19 challenges in Metamorph. I wanted to do 36 for the portal but that atlas is a pain in my ass.
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