Delirium Challenge Rewards

damn wings looks pretty neat!
too bad i doubt i would get 36 challenges though x'D maybe time for a trade league and just buy the challenges like most people do to get em challenges lool
Hi! i'm high right now and who are you?
Dem wings... i wonder i u guys can make even uglier... dont think u can top this
nice wings
mmmhh..dont like them..and the supporter packs also not this league..i think will skip them this time..really boring
Two back attachments as rewards in the same league?
I bet one of those was the portal, but the greed of GGG was too powerful to resist. Expect the portal soon for 20-25$ at least.
Wings could be rly nice if u let that small part as abys wings. But that right and left side expanding looks so aweful.

Cloak looks quite fine.
horrible, horrible and horrible!
Decent in the sense there's no shitty pets or something stupid like that. But lord, I'm just not a fan of how you always theme them with whatever gross nonsense effect you're supposted to fight against in the given league. Why? I will never forgive you for calling that two year old bit of lettuce from Blight a reward.

Edit: If you genuinely have no idea what I'm on about, which would be sad, Delve ones ware good and Betrayal ones ware good. Or could you be so paranoid amd greedy as to give us shit for rewards on purpose, that would be gross.
Last edited by GrayR on Mar 9, 2020, 5:49:02 AM
So lazy design .....
Last edited by Life2v on Mar 9, 2020, 5:50:17 AM
Hey GGG, do you guys realize that better 36 challenge rewards tend to motivate people to play longer? You don't want people to play your game longer?
This has been the trend for quite a long time. Hire some new designers because the lack of effort you put in challenge rewards and mtx in general is astonishing.

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