Delirium Challenge Rewards

i hope a day when rewards will be again a full armour set like rigwald's one.
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wow... :D

they look really really bad.
First thing I would do is to check my graphics card temperature.

I mean strong character design was never GGGs strength, but why does anyone want such crap attached to his toon :D Im too old for this ...

now I know!
The "material" looks exactly like those inflatable plastic toys for the beach. just weirdly colored (maybe was too long in the sun)
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I feel like every rewards designer is guaranteed ONE design that nobody can question. This is Joe's design. You see Joe has been working for GGG for along time and it was finally his turn at bat to design some amazing rewards. The problem is Joe had a stroke last year and hasn't quite been able to do what he used to. He presented these and every other designer was Joe um... wow. Joe pulled out his one guarantee card. That is why we have these wings....
Thanks Joe...
Didn't like any of them. Would be nice to have a black portal on 36th challenge. You can still change them.
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I love those wings, whole art direction of this patch is awesome.
both cloak and wings? u must be kidding :(
They made me giggle how fugly the challenge rewards are this time.

And again these hilarious looking stiff cardboard wings but this time with poo sausages attached.
Ziiyo wrote:
What is wrong with some of these kids!

Complaining about the FREE game giving away FREE stuff #brats

When you have 20 Supporter Packs attached and talk about for Free...
does the cloak and wing share the same slot?
The wings remind me of Lotus from WARFRAME in her Sentient form, Natah.
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