Delirium Challenge Rewards

really dont like these rewards...hope the league is better.

where is the pet? the portal? wings too big..cloak too common...horns are meh.. already have them in mtx shop.
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Mehh cloak is ok I guess, wings are a bit messy looking not sure what I'd even match them with or what build they'd fit. Can't win them all they say, better luck next league :)
Dellord wrote:
You don't care about the community. You have a few days to change this rewards or i'm not going to play this league as in previuos. This is how good games dies.

P.S. These rewards suck.
P.Ss. Another totem for 40, nothing changes. RIP

Freeloaders 0 supporter pack complaining.. XD

Last edited by Enzymaticc on Mar 9, 2020, 11:06:25 PM
These are nice, but the wings are oddly big.

I think something for 40 would be cool in the future.
Nice horns. :)
Ohhh this wings...
can't wait
Can't wait for the reworked wings bex promised. Other than that, i really like all of them. Might finally push for 36

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