Delirium Challenge Rewards

I prefer that old wing. It has its own characteristics and fits the theme very well
Back attachments still look so unnatural when you walk with it. Especially with the templar.
Why GGG diecide to switch those badass and delirious looking wings to this generic looking piece of shikaka?!...

I will not be able to get wings any way, but new reworked ones are much much better. At least they look like wings unlike that piece of random tentacles with anvils on them lol.
Yahira wrote:
Hmm, had to log in for this.

The old wings had character and were abnormal looking, menacing,, depressing, sad, but massive, weighty... like delirium wings should have been.

I instantly was, damn have to go for 36.

These, though pretty and well done, are just generic, have nothing special and appear almost just like another skin version of existing wings.

Don't. Please revert.

36 looks much better now
Still waiting since 5 years for armour MTX coming back to challenge rewards...
What have you done to the old wing? The new one looks so generic.

Maybe it is a bit much to ask but since you have already designed two wing models, can we have both as reward?

Minimal effort on your side, instant boost on support pack sale. To me it is a win-win .... just asking ....
Last edited by xenodc on Mar 11, 2020, 12:23:19 PM
holy crap these are ugly. I guess devs are throwing stuff out there to last until POE2

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